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ERCO Light Scout
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The localisation of a multilingual, globally recognised website

Using the example of our client ERCO, we would like to demonstrate how we were able to help shape the company’s international online presence with our translations. We have already been working most successfully with ERCO for over 20 years.

ERCO makes the highest demands of all suppliers who are part of its delivery chain with regard to quality and meeting deadlines.

The project
The goal of the project was to internationalise the new ERCO website, “Light Scout”. Based on the source language, German, we translated the Light Scout Navigation into the world languages English, French and Spanish and the remaining content into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Japanese. Based on the English version, we also created English language variants for the USA, Australia and Japan.

The overall project involved the re-translation of around 250,000 lines (2 million words, or 8,000 standard pages) and the updating of approx. 350,000 lines (2.8 million words, or 11,000 standard pages). We undertook this updating with the help of our ERCO translation memories – the databases containing all of the texts translated for this client previously.

The project was delivered promptly to deadline in all target languages.

About ERCO
"ERCO specialises in producing engineering hardware and software for architectural lighting. First and foremost, we see ourselves as selling light, not luminaires. This approach, which places the immaterial "software" of light above the physical hardware of the luminaires, has been the trademark of our work for many years. That's why we call ourselves: ERCO, the Light Factory."

"ERCO has its headquarters in Lüdenscheid, an industrial town steeped in tradition, right in the heart of Germany. The majority of the 1000-plus workforce work here in the Design, Production, Sales and Administration departments. In addition to these, there are the employees in the offices and showrooms around the globe. The ERCO plant consists of price-winning industrial buildings as a living expression of the corporate culture. Several thousand luminaires leave the factory every day - heading for buildings on all continents."

"Light Scout is the name of ERCO’s new online presence. Just as the internet is increasingly becoming a tool which is taken for granted, Light Scout demonstrates the development of ERCO’s internet presence from a colourful ‘shop window’ to a highly functional ‘toolbox’. Light Scout is the pivot of ERCO’s information logistics."

"A major innovation provided by Light Scout is the comprehensive depth of information which is available for every single ERCO product. This product-related information is designed in such a way that it can be seamlessly integrated into the lighting planner’s work processes."

The ERCO Light Scout project at a glance

Project scope

2,340,000 words / 260,000 lines / 1,400 files / 900 typeset pages / 10,000 pages in total

Planned project duration

4 months

Actual project duration

2½ months

Personnel involved

An internal team of 5 employees for project preparation, project coordination, proofreading and desktop publishing
16 freelance translators for 8 target languages
14 external personnel for downloading/uploading the 1,400 Light Scout files

Technical infrastructure

18 PC and 4 MAC
Input of the translations by means of direct access to the Light Scout Publisher

Software used

Self-developed conversion program
Self-developed search tool
MS Word

Project supervision and management

Gertrud Adrian, Anna Conradi, Karen Lorenz, Giuseppe Lanzillotta, Bernard Carpenter

Responsible for communication and technical infrastructure

Frank Lanzillotta

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