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We use specific CAT tools* (CAT = Computer Aided Translation), such as Trados Translator’s Workbench and generate a translation memory for each localized product.

The original texts and the language versions you have approved are divided into so-called segments (usually complete sentences) and stored in a translation memory database. Newer versions are compared with the content of this database, so that with each new sentence, the translator is notified as to whether the content, either wholly or in part, is in the database or not.

The same applies to products for which although no previous version exists, there are considerable redundancies between the individual sources. For example, as soon as the help texts have been translated and validated, the redundant content in the user manuals can then be taken on board (or vice versa).

This method ensures linguistic quality – it is the guarantee that the terminology you have approved once will always be used – and this offers you enormous cost benefits: a sentence which we have already translated for you once, and which you have approved, will never be invoiced in full a second time.

You enjoy the lasting benefits of significantly reduced translation costs and perfect coherence between redundant sources.

* These tools can never replace experienced translators, but assist them in their work.